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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Cookery 1/1 10 Recipes (6,200 baht.)


Thai Cookery 1/1 10 Recipes (6,200 baht.)

  Course Outline
  1. Yum Sam Krob (Dried shrimp dried squid dried fish maws with mangoes salad) 
2. Kaeng Kiew Wan Kai (Thai Chicken Curry) 
3. Kao Yum Puk Tai (Rice salad in Southern style) 
4. Tom Som Phla Kraborg (Fish in Tamarind Paste Soup) 
5. Kaeng Tai-Phla (Southern Style curry) 
6. Nam Phrik Kapi (Shrimp Paste Fried Rice) 
7. Nam Phrik Long Reau, Moo wan, Yum Phla Dook Foo 
(Fried Shrimp Paste with Sweet Pork) 
8. Nua Dad Diew (Thai Style Beef Jerky) 
9. Tod mun Phla Krai(Fried Fish Cake) 
10. Kaeng Kee Lek (Southern style Curry)

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