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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Cookery 3/1 10 Recipes (6,200 baht.)


Thai Cookery 3/1 10 Recipes (6,200 baht.)

  Course Outline
  1. Kaeng Kiew Warn Look Chin Phla-Krai (Fish balls stuffed with Salty Egg yolk in Green Curry) 2. Khai Toon Throng Kreung (Fried Marinated Beef or Pork) 3. Eoup Kung (Grilled Shrimps in Banana Leaf with Thai Curry seasoning) 4. Nam Phla Warn, Khung Paow, and Vegetables (Three Flavors Sauce Grilled With Prawns and on Season Vegetables) 5. Kaeng Ped Pead Yang (Roasted Duck Curry) 6. Neau/ Moo Sawan (Fried Marinated Beef or Pork) 7. Kaeng Jeud Look Rork (Egg Sausage soup) 8. Phla Kra-Phong Neueng Ma-Now (Steamed Whole Sea Bass in Lemon Juice) 9. Tom Ka-Kai (Chicken in Coconut Milk) 10. Kao Pad Phrike Khing (Stir Fried Cooked Rice with String Bean and Pork in curry paste)
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