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1. Thai Cookery > Thai Dip and Salad Cookery 10 Recipes


Thai Dip and Salad Cookery 10 Recipes

  Course Outline
  1. Num Prik Kung Sod (Fresh Shrimp Paste Sauce) 2. Yum Som Oo (Spicy Pomalo salad) 3. Lon Poo Kem (Salted Crabs with Fermented Beans) 4. Yum Ped Yang (Spicy Roasted Duck Salad) 5. Num Prik Khai Khem (Salted Eggs with Shrimp Paste Sauce) 6. Khow Tod Nam Sod (Thai Fried Rice - Fresh Nam) 7. Nam Prik Mameung (Spicy Mango Paste Sauce) 8. Pla Kung 9. Num Prik Makham Sod (Fresh Tamarind Paste Sauce) 10. Pra Sumlee Dad Deuw with Spicy Mango Salad
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