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1. Thai Cookery > Fried noodle for business 10 Recipes (6,000 Baht)


Fried noodle for business 10 Recipes (6,000 Baht)

  Course Outline
  1. Kuay Tiaw Ped Toon (Simmer Duck with Noodle) 2. Kuay Tiaw Nea Toon (Simmer Beef with Noodle) 3. Kuay Tiaw Ruea(Noodle with Beef) 4. Kuay Tiaw Tum Rueng (Noodle with Pork and Gord Gourd) 5. Kuay Tiaw Kai Toon (Simmer Chicken with Noodle) 6 .Kuay Tiaw kai Toon (Simmer Chicken with Noodle) 7. Kuay tiaw Tom Yum Thalay (Hot and Spice Seafood Soup with Noodle) 8. Kuay Tiaw Pud Tai (Thai Style Fried Noodle in Three Flavors Sauce) 9. Kuay Tiaw Yen Ta Fo (Noodle with Pork and Red Sauce) 10. Ba Mee Kiaw Koong Moo Daeng (Noodle Shrimp Won-Ton Soup with Barbeaue Pork)
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